Silver masterbatch

Silver masterbatch production

We offer a wide range of silver masterbatches that have uniform pellet sizes for better mixing.

Hamun Bespar silver masterbatch is used in the production of all kinds of plastic goods and these are composed of first-class additives. Available in several silver color ranges, this is the main advantage of our silver masterbatch at competitive prices.

Silver masterbatch, which is a type of color masterbatch, adds 2% to 7% in films, depending on the thickness, may need more or less.

Silver Masterbatch Add 1% to 6% for casting, depending on thickness, more or less may be required.

Application of silver masterbatch

Silver Masterbatch is mostly used in a number of industrial applications such as agricultural films and other films, injection molding, blow molding, insulation of cables and pipes.

Silver masterbatch packaging

Silver Masterbatch is available in 25kg, woven sack bags with laminated, moisture-proof paper. Store the product in a dry and cool place with proper ventilation and away from direct sunlight and high temperature.