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Hamon Bespar Company as a masterbatch producer in Iran With the benefit of several decades of experience of the managers and creators of the collection, as well as with the help and consensus of the country's elites and graduates of the country's polymer field, as well as with the use of modern machinery and technology, with the aim of producing products with global quality and competitive prices in the direction of It has started to provide satisfaction to its consumers and customers and is always striving to improve the quality of its products.

  • High Quality
  • Product warranty
  • Sample test
  • General and partial purchase
  • Balanced price
  • High variety of products
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about us 1
هامون بسپار
هامون بسپار
  • At Hamon Bespar, as a manufacturer of colored masterbatches, we understand the importance of the attractiveness of bright and pastel colors for children. With this in mind, we produce a number of unique, fresh and bright colors that are sure to add a touch of glamor to your toys, homewares, textiles and other products.
  • We produce specialized and compatible masterbatches for a variety of polymers such as PP, PE, SAN, POM, PC, ABS, HIPS, GPPS, PBT, PVC, Nylon, etc. Selling guaranteed products helps toy manufacturers minimize quality loss and downtime.
  • Our masterbatch is available in solid and liquid form.
    With their deep knowledge, our expert team has developed liquid masterbatches along with solid masterbatches. Liquid masterbatches are compatible with various polymer systems and have advantages such as low dosage, excellent dispersion, high gloss and easy handling.
  • We have a policy where all customers are equally important regardless of their size and quantity. We are committed to provide the minimum quantity required and serve them to customer satisfaction.

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