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What is masterbatch?

If we want to explain in simple language, masterbatch is called a solid additive that is used in coloring plastic products and changes the properties of plastic. Masterbatch is very widely used and even necessary in the plastic industry. In fact, a concentrated mixture of pigments and additives that is collected in a carrier resin during the thermal process and finally cooled and cut into pellets is called masterbatch.

Best-selling products Hamoon Baspar

White masterbatch


White masterbatch is the most widely used type of masterbatch in the world, which is widely used in the plastic industry; This masterbatch is based on different bases, and as you know, these additives can change the color and properties of the product by adding it to the polymers based on the needs of the customers.

Pastel pink masterbatch


Pastel Pink Masterbatch is one of the most widely used and widely used types of products among Hamun Bespar's products, which uses pigments with high transparency and gloss, very vivid color and a wide range of colors in this type of products, which is the focus of many productions. It has become a manufacturer of household plastic injection parts, plastic kitchen utensils and accessories, children's toys, etc.

Pastel blue masterbatch


Masterbatch Blue is one of the most widely used and widely used types of products among our productions, which, by using pigments with high transparency and gloss, very vivid color and a wide range of colors in this type of products, are the attention of many manufacturers. Household plastic injection parts, kitchen utensils and plastic necessities, children's toys, etc.

Calcium carbonate compound


Calcium carbonate compound or filler masterbatch has a large percentage of mineral fillers, such as calcium carbonate, etc. Oxon polymer calcium carbonate compounds are one of the most widely used fillers in the plastic industry. These compounds are at a high level of production and supply due to the use of the best raw materials and the use of advanced and high-quality production lines.

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Nylon, Nylex and cellophane

automobile manufacturing

wire and cable


Pipes and fittings

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Specialized parent industries are major consumers of our products. As we mentioned above, automobile industries, household appliances, toys, plastic, nylon and nylon, textile, wire and cable, pipes and fittings, etc. are among the parent industries, each of which has several subcategories and products. As vital raw materials, we are used by these industries.

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بهترین مستربچ ایران
بهترین مستربچ ایران

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Home Appliances






wire and cable


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