Cream masterbatch production video at Hamoon Baspar

Cream Masterbatch makes any brilliant color concept a reality in Color Masterbatch. Our color matching and formulation services make it easy to combine custom colors to match your needs. Hamon Bespar masterbatches are equipped with world-class color matching and quality control facilities to match or develop color masterbatches according to customer needs.

Color performance and degree of transparency can vary with thickness and polymer selection and processing conditions, customers are advised to test all products to determine their suitability for individual applications. Suitable carrier polymers are used to formulate masterbatch for production of polyamide, polyethylene, PP and PET films. We are committed to helping our customers design unique products to accompany them on their way to success.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of color masterbatches and white masterbatches. The offered masterbatch is known for its remarkable properties and is widely used for the manufacture of plastic products.

Masterbatch cream features:

  • Moisture resistant
  • Flawless power
  • Superior finish
  • Specific color tones associated with color pigments