Gray masterbatch production

Gray masterbatch is made of gray pigment, resin and suitable additives. It is used to create gray color for finished products.

Colors are added to plastics using pigments to make plastic goods more attractive and suitable for their intended use. In addition, pigments can provide light protection by partially absorbing UV rays and extend the useful life of plastic items.

Gray masterbatch is a thick mixture of gray powder, base resin and plastic additives. This color masterbatch adds a vibrant gray color and advanced properties due to additives to the raw materials.

Excellent dispersion, high heat resistance and color stability are the reasons for the wide use of gray masterbatch in the plastic industry. This material is used in thermoforming, production of injection molded items and blown films. This material helps manufacturers to create finished products with desired colors, properties and mechanical strength at the lowest cost.

Hamoon Baspar is proud to produce and supply all kinds of masterbatch, including high quality white masterbatch. We offer gray masterbatch in various colors and properties to suit our customers’ production needs. Our technical staff will help you customize a masterbatch that adds a solid gray color to the products.

Gray Masterbatch features

Here are some of the salient features of Tusi Hamoon Baspar Masterbatch:

  • It creates a gray color for the finished products
  • Good dispersion
  • High heat resistance and color stability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Selection of different gray color ranges based on customer needs